dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

And again 2 songs!

I'm soo SLOW D:
I just never feel like updating this, but now I will! (lol, as if anyone reads this XDD)
First comes Shura's cover of Karakuri Ageha, an original song by Hatsune Miku.

Aaaaaaand my newest video! Starring Teto, Momo, Ruko, Anaka, Yuki, Shura, Sayu and my little sister's UTAU Kotaene Candy: ITS UMINEKO TIME~!

zaterdag 26 september 2009

Shura ver 2.1!

This may be a little late, but I just like to say (again xD) that Shura's ver 2.1 is released! It's up for download under the download section of this page. Now she's able to sing a lot more songs than she used to!
Also, two songs I recently made!
First one is Toeto! Finished today xD

An this one is the first duet between Shura and Anaka BLYTHE! :D Their voices really sound alike!

woensdag 2 september 2009

Tony & Shura duet

I really need to spend more time on this blog... =w='
But for now, here's Tony and Shura singing Tachi mukae! Kimi wa KAKKOI!(向かえ!君はカッコイイ!) Bahh, I don't know what sounds better everytime I post this song: the romaji or the kanji. Well actually they both sound the same because IT IS the same, but WHA. WHATEVAH. x_x You can stop listening to me now, just listen to the song~

I also want to know how to make those link thingies to a nico video D:

woensdag 19 augustus 2009

Kirane Shura ACT2.0!

Worked hard on it, and now it's finished! At least all the Japanese syllables, I'll still have to work on the Dutch ones.

Shura sounds a lot better now, and I hope more people will download her now!
Her downloadlink can be found on this page ^^

This is how she sounds now:

A few songs





maandag 3 augustus 2009

Opening the blog!

Well, Shura's got a Blog now ^^ For now, I'll be posting the songs she's already made on here, but I'm planning to put her VB download link, mp3's and info here too. So all that's left to say is... page under construction!